Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5: Is Apple going down?

Samsung vs Apple: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 may launch Samsung to the top of the smartphone game. Even with the debut of Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung Electronics was still able to report higher than ever fourth-quarter earnings thanks in large part to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: Ever since the debut of the smaller, lighter iPhone 4 in 2011, Apple fans have been growing increasingly disappointed with the amount of innovation with each new model. The 2012 release of the iPhone 5 was met with a resounding, “Meh.” On the other end of the spectrum, Samsung has been slowly but surely rising in the smartphone ranks. Initial models were quite laughable when compared to their sleek competitor, the iPhone, but as Samsung continued pumping out models their phones began to look strangely familiar. Apple Inc. took notice. Samsung and Apple have been embattled in bitter patent infringement lawsuits since 2011, with Apple currently working on a sales ban for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone before its launch in 2014.

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19 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5: Is Apple going down?

  1. michael mckay says:


  2. SuperRedarmy123 says:

    why are? you not talking about taylor swift and harry styles nma news >:C

  3. Daniel Keane says:

    Was IOS now all 100% Android Wife sold Iphone 5 to get S3 4g & I have Note 2 LTE & Nexus 7? sold my IPAD 3 & Iphone 4s. Never GOING BACK

  4. raSak Wattakaew says:

    I think Apple fans are? like the religious by far

  5. raSak Wattakaew says:

    I’m not samsung? fanboy, I’m real android fanboy

  6. GrandMasterSuperPhD says:

    i just got a new apple phone…and WOW … its awesome !!!! i had a samsung before? lol

  7. Hynee says:

    I’m basically an Apple fanboy, I used iTunes for years until 15 months ago I got a 4S. It’s been a blast using it, but I suspect in 2 years no fucks will be given about it or it’s successors, the market will have moved on and you’ll be able to get something like it (large touchscreen w high resolution and HD video capable) from multiple manufacturers cheaply.
    So Apple needs? a new innovation, like the II, Classic, iMac, iPod or iPhone.

  8. Emeralddreamnotgreen says:

    You can clearly see that Samsung made this video since they are calling it “apple fanboy” and ” Samsung? fan”

  9. Jnglmpera says:

    lol I’m watching this on my 1st gen iPad (I’d have neither though; I want HTC or xperia? phones)

  10. gkc269 says:

    Originally designed for technology challenged people and continues that same path. The only reason one would chose an Apple product is because they do not know how to use a Tablet, Smartphone, OR computer.? Get out the building blocks and count your fingers and toes apple fans!

  11. Joloko Umphetico says:

    if only a Samsung lawyer saw this video, he? would turn apeshit, NMATV will be shut down for good.

  12. fpsBeaTt says:

    Samsung fans are like the religious; you never know what they’re going to come up with next. The cognitive dissonance of the author of this? video is hilarious.

  13. spartanoneoneseven ism says:

    Samsung still? sucks!

  14. ptlittl5 says:

    Specs wise Samsung is the? best right now

  15. roboticterror says:

    He’s a troll.?

  16. alex1992ramirez says:

    I’m? watching this on my note 2 big screen:D fuck that tv remote looking piece of shit iphone 5 lol.

  17. Pikacity3370 says:

    And Samsung? Still Sucks!

  18. Pikacity3370 says:

    I am a apple fan? boy and apple should sue Samsung for copying products!

  19. thatBigfuu says:


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