Apple annihilates Samsung in iPhone vs Galaxy patent war

Apple annihilates Samsung in iPhone vs Galaxy patent war

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Apple won a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung last week. A San Jose jury found Samsung had violated six of Apple’s patents and awarded Apple more than billion in damages. Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: The jury came up with its verdict so quickly, it left some wondering if they understood what they were doing in a case involving complex patent issues and more than a hundred pages of judge’s notes. Some jury members said they’d already made a decision at the beginning of the trail. The verdict, in favor of Apple Inc., awarded the company .5 billion to be paid by Samsung. Apple has also asked that eight Samsung products be taken off the US market: the Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 AT&T, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 T-Mobile, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail. Apple’s stock jumped after the settlement while Samsung shares fell. Samsung is not going to take this laying down. The South Korean company is already working on reversing and has already noted inconsistencies in the verdict form. Samsung is not the only company worried about what Apple’s win could mean for the future of innovation. Many others are calling for a reform of the whole patent system.
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19 Responses to Apple annihilates Samsung in iPhone vs Galaxy patent war

  1. Janet Quach says:


  2. dhksrksalem says:

    I think that many foreigners are confusing? South Korea and North Korea

    South Korea is democracy country and has 13th biggest economy in the world..
    they have high level technology and companies(for example Samsung, LG)

    But North Korea is just communism and poor

  3. jimmy buts says:


  4. Robert Hildebrand says:

    And i can change batteries if one goes bad and most chargers fit android phones now adays iphone uses one that way if someones go bad they have to fork out money for a new one? ways apple does to make money damn crooks

  5. Robert Hildebrand says:

    Apple os all looks the same ill stick to android phones over iphones apple is out for money they found a reason to sew samsung just to make more money they dont care bout what customers think cuz they add a few new things and add it to there ios and say ppl wont know the difference they couldnt design a new ios system if they tried theres so many androis os out its not funny and it gets better i like the free customization i dont have to? plug my phone in a pc to transfer music and pictures oh

  6. Dayvon Jefferson says:

    If apple so concerned about customers going somewhere? they should lower their prices

  7. Jihun Jung says:

    Sorry its ‘the’ for the 5th word?

  8. Jihun Jung says:

    You guys should check tje latest ipod nano and compare with lg optimus l3. Apple copied the design. The lg? released on feb and the new ipod nano released on sep

  9. Jihun Jung says:

    Samsung forever?

  10. Guy De Vos says:

    Apple didn’t invent anything. Each and every ingredient in the iPhone was already available. All they did was put it all together and pack it in a nice device. Steve Jobs admitted that Apple steals ideas from others.

    The iPhone is a copy of early Samsung models. Not the other way around. Of course a biased US jury thinks otherwise? after refusing to see evidence brought into court by Samsung.

    FUCK APPLE. Hope they go DOWn soon.

  11. sky hawk says:

    Idk, I got a SAMSUNG phone and an APPLE? iPad ….soooo idk

  12. TaegukFootball says:

    Obviously Taiwanese media. Apple products are made from Samsung parts. ?

  13. Th3James says:

    You can get certain iphones free on contract. ?

  14. johnmsin says:

    You could say so because you didn’t pay a penny on R&D. What would you feel if your properties were? digitally stolen? I appreciate the quality of Apple’s products, but the prices are the concern. Samsung’s new evolutionary interfaces and other superb technologies are also gifted to the users. They just should walk along with fair competitions. Hope to see less-expensive apple’s products and even more impressive smartphone technologies from Samsung. Cheers for the future technologies!

  15. thepathetictroll1 says:

    Seriously, north Korea?! By that logic Apple is actually a Brazilian company, cause? America and South America are the same thing.

  16. IzzyLL says:

    its not over priced its priced for the quality, durability and technology. I? had my i4 for almost 2years now and been through hell. still works like a champion. whille my bro samsung galaxy is a piece of shit.. well yh u pay cheap u get cheap.. like cant expect the performance of a ferrari by buying a

  17. indiehunk says:

    I have this fear that the Sumsung mascot will one day become sentient and? attempt to take over the human race…. The last frame was like that, lol.

  18. 243kingfrank says:

    apple dont want to mess with google android is? way better then apple apple is just jealous of android and samsung

  19. ZiDrA2FrEsH says:

    Man apple there a bunch of pussys just because android phones are better then apple phones? they just suied them because they are scared cuss iPhone is going down!

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