Haul!!! Sports girl, Ally fashion, Trade Secret!!

hope you enjoyed!! xx.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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6 Responses to Haul!!! Sports girl, Ally fashion, Trade Secret!!

  1. Holistic Lotus says:

    Great haul babe! I love everything you bought 🙂 and you got those jeans!
    Yay! They look awesome!
    And great idea about the subscribers! Keep it up. I love watching your vids
    🙂 can’t wait for more <3 xxxxx?

  2. Sophie-Emily says:

    You have no idea how much I love your videos! ?????????

  3. Sophie-Emily says:

    What camera do you use? x?

  4. Claire Abi says:

    can you do a get ready with me like for comps and concerts ???

  5. ticked_wrong_clicked_wrong_nuisance_noised_wrong_shadowed_wrong says:

    Soft. The lighting is soft but it seems harsh on the brighter areas. I
    think your camera is a bit confused by the brightness of the background. If
    there was a darker cover, temporarily over your bed might help your camera
    and wow? Those flowery things just were a bit of a surprise. They are
    really, very flowery. Pretty, of course. If you are saying a “book review
    video” then I’d be interested to know about it. Yes! What’s on your phone
    videos, I like them. Everyones’ phones are so different! I would like to
    see a video of your Australian car engine running but you might not want to
    do that and I know my comment is long but you asked lots of questions.
    Australian flowers? They’d probably be good to video or anything about

  6. Lea Smith says:

    Yes. I would love to see your Journal when its finished.
    Love your fashion style?

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